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This “New” Wall Street Approach Will Change
Your Financial Future!

Matt McCall is disrupting the status quo of investing with something new and exciting. Are you ready to toss out Old Wall Street's tired rule book and reinvigorate your portfolio with innovators that will drive future market profits? It's time for the NexGen Revolution.

Behind The Scenes With Matt

How NextGen Investing Works

Matt’s top-down approach begins by focusing on the bigger picture, and works its way down from there – digging into specific geographical regions and sectors to find the strongest plays. Matt believes this strategy puts all the chips in our favor because we’re investing in the best-performing stocks in the best-performing sectors. Want to learn about the three-pronged approach that goes with this top-down strategy?

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NexGen Chart of the Day: LITE

You may already be familiar with our NexGen trading criteria. If not, the stock I want to talk to you about today is all systems go: technicals, fundamentals and intangibles. Lumentum Holdings (LITE) has been consolidating recently, and we'll talk about why that's positive action. The stock is also on the verge of a huge breakout, so I’m watching for the right entry point.

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Trend Highlights

5 Battered Stocks That Could Rebound by X%-Plus

Jun 23, 2017

With the indices hitting new high after new high, it’s hard to imagine that there are stocks out there trading at fresh lows. Or if you do realize they’re there, you wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. That’s understandable, but sometimes it is worth digging a little deeper to sort out the promising opportunities from the bad seeds. I did that and found five stocks worthy of a closer look. I'll talk about each in this latest article. Continue Reading…

WBA Has Nothing to Fear from AMZN

Jun 22, 2017

Amazon’s (AMZN) purchase of Whole Foods Market (WFM) last week sent shockwaves through the market, and several sectors in particular felt pressure. The obvious losers were the grocery stores that now have to deal with the invading retail giant. But another group that weakened was the pharmacy companies, as rumors swirled that Amazon would use its new brick-and-mortar locations to get into the business. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) was one of the hardest hit, falling 5% the day of the WFM buyout announcement. Continue Reading…

NexGen Sports: A New Kind of Gaming

Jun 21, 2017

I’ve been a big sports fan my whole life. I grew up in Philadelphia but live a lot of the time in Nashville right now. I was hoping to get to one of the recent Stanley Cup Finals games, but the schedule didn’t work out. It’s hard to beat the thrill of a championship sports event, especially in person but also on television or nowadays online. And that brings us to the next-generation of watching sports. I’m talking about the emerging mega-trend of eSports, which is a result of the stunning growth in competitive video gaming. Continue Reading…

Latest Research Report

9 NexGen Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Apr 26, 2017

Energy is a huge part of our lives and our world. As a result, it’s a huge part of Wall Street, too, from its allocation in portfolios to its prominent weighting in the Dow and S&P 500. And yet, it’s not a sector that often gets people excited about the future.

But that's about to change. It’s time to forget about the companies Wall Street owns and come up with a new approach. We'll do just that in this new report, and I'll give you nine picks to play this next generation of energy.

Continue Reading…

Question of the Day

How do you see the next earnings season playing out?

There’s no question that earnings over the last few quarters have been impressive. I’ve gone into recent reporting cycles far more bullish than the analysts, and often even my bullish growth predictions were exceeded. The next quarter should be more of the same as corporations are in the sweet spot right now with low interest rates, modest inflation and a strong labor market. I believe we’ll see more companies beat estimates on both the top and bottom lines in Q2, setting us up for another successful earnings season. Continue Reading…

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Track Record

SymbolCompany NameSell DateProfit
MTSIMACOM Technology Solutions5/17/201720.2%
HDSNHudson Technologies Inc.7/19/201666.7%
LFLLATAM Airlines Group S.A.7/12/201638.7%
POWRCikarang Listrindo Tbk2/25/201635.3%
GALXFGalaxy Resources Limited6/10/201635.0%
SEMFFSEMAFO Inc.6/16/201634.2%
LLG.VMason Graphite Inc.11/9/201633.3%
SUPNSupernus Pharmaceuticals4/18/201632.5%
OROCFOrocobre Limited7/5/201632.4%
RICRichmont Mines Inc.6/16/201631.5%
CWTCalifornia Water Service Group6/13/201628.7%
EDVMFEndeavour Mining Corporation6/10/201628.1%
GIMOGigamon Inc.6/23/201627.0%
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What Investors Have to Say About Matt

  • Your technical analysis and charting are spot on!

    — Jane S.

  • Over the years I have bought many services. Most are overpriced and disappoint. Yours is excellent! I like your approach, and I like the lesser priced stocks primed for growth. They would be hard to find on my own. As long as you continue to do that kind of job, I'm sticking around!

    — Jon T.

  • From a "boomer" trying to hasten retirement ... I just wanted to thank you for the informative coherent communication during the "Brexit" fiasco. It's comforting to know that someone is at the wheel, so to speak. I hung in there, bought more bargains and profited significantly as a result. Thanks for your vigilant communications

    — Randy M.

  • Thank you for helping me build my portfolio!

    — James H.

  • I love Matt's video!!! Keep them coming.

    — Suzanne L.

  • Matt's videos explaining the charts are both informative and educational. Keep up the great work!

    — Steve L.

  • I'm pleased with your suggested stock purchases and how you skillfully use the charts to determine the future direction of a stock!

    — Anonymous

  • I really appreciated the trade advice. I was puzzled about how to cover Election Day. These trades will help and make me feel more confident.

    — Anonymous

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