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This “New” Wall Street Approach Will Change
Your Financial Future!

Matt McCall is disrupting the status quo of investing with something new and exciting. Are you ready to toss out Old Wall Street's tired rule book and reinvigorate your portfolio with innovators that will drive future market profits? It's time for the NexGen Revolution.

Behind The Scenes With Matt

How NextGen Investing Works

Matt’s top-down approach begins by focusing on the bigger picture, and works its way down from there – digging into specific geographical regions and sectors to find the strongest plays. Matt believes this strategy puts all the chips in our favor because we’re investing in the best-performing stocks in the best-performing sectors. Want to learn about the three-pronged approach that goes with this top-down strategy?

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NexGen Chart of the Day: STZ

Constellation Brands (STZ) gapped higher after reporting better-than-expected earnings this morning, creating my favorite breakout/pullback set-up on the chart. The fundamentals and intangibles are also lining up favorably, but it’s not time to pull the trigger just yet. Check out my chart show to find out exactly what I’m waiting for.

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Trend Highlights

BIDU Still Has Plenty of Upside

Oct 15, 2017

Baidu (BIDU), a leading Chinese internet company with the world’s largest internet user population, has an interesting chart. The stock began to rally in July, consolidated throughout August and then took off on another rally that sent the shares to new highs. Not only did BIDU hit a new 52-week high this week, but a heavy-volume move on Tuesday also sent it to record levels above the 2014 high of $251.99. Tuesday’s volume was the best in nearly a month and it underscores the strong conviction behind the breakout. Continue Reading…

BLK Hits All-Time Highs on Strong Earnings

Oct 13, 2017

BlackRock (BLK) helped kick off the third-quarter earnings season this week, and shares of the world’s largest asset management company are up 3% since the numbers came out Wednesday morning. Adjusted net income came in at $969 million, or $5.92 on a per-share basis, increasing nicely over last year’s $854 million ($5.14 a share) and beating analysts’ expectations by $0.36. Revenue was also better than expected, gaining 13.7% year-over-year to $3.23 billion. The company brought in $96 billion worth of investments in the quarter. Continue Reading…

NexGen Energy: Lending a Helping Hand

Oct 11, 2017

Our focus on owning tomorrow’s winners today often gives us a fascinating glimpse into what our lives will be like in the future – such as the possibility of living on Mars or vehicles that drive themselves. After the devastating hurricane season we’ve had, you might be wondering how next-generation advancements can help. I wish we had a way to control the weather, but it is not yet a viable NexGen trend. Short of that, I would suggest that NexGen energy can help deal with and perhaps one day even reduce the impacts of natural disasters. Continue Reading…

Latest Research Report

9 NexGen Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Apr 26, 2017

Energy is a huge part of our lives and our world. As a result, it’s a huge part of Wall Street, too, from its allocation in portfolios to its prominent weighting in the Dow and S&P 500. And yet, it’s not a sector that often gets people excited about the future.

But that's about to change. It’s time to forget about the companies Wall Street owns and come up with a new approach. We'll do just that in this new report, and I'll give you nine picks to play this next generation of energy.

Continue Reading…

Question of the Day

I’ve noticed that you talk about the RSI a lot in your analysis. What exactly does it show?

You’re absolutely right. The relative strength index – more commonly referred to as the RSI – is one of my favorite indicators on a stock chart. It’s an overbought/oversold oscillator that measures a stock or index against itself.

Don’t confuse it with relative strength, which is very different as it measures one chart against another to determine the stronger. The RSI is a formula that helps determine if a stock has run too much to the upside or fallen too far to the downside. There are a few different time settings you can use with RSI. My preference is the 9-day period setting, which takes the last nine trading days into consideration to determine the RSI number. While I could talk for hours on how I use the RSI in my research, it really excels in identifying buy signals.

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TNETTriNet Group7/31/201711.0%
HIIQHealth Insurance Innovations7/14/201710.3%
MDSOMedidata Solutions6/29/201715.6%
MTSIMACOM Technology Solutions5/17/201720.2%
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What Investors Have to Say About Matt

  • Your technical analysis and charting are spot on!

    — Jane S.

  • Over the years I have bought many services. Most are overpriced and disappoint. Yours is excellent! I like your approach, and I like the lesser priced stocks primed for growth. They would be hard to find on my own. As long as you continue to do that kind of job, I'm sticking around!

    — Jon T.

  • From a "boomer" trying to hasten retirement ... I just wanted to thank you for the informative coherent communication during the "Brexit" fiasco. It's comforting to know that someone is at the wheel, so to speak. I hung in there, bought more bargains and profited significantly as a result. Thanks for your vigilant communications

    — Randy M.

  • Thank you for helping me build my portfolio!

    — James H.

  • I love Matt's video!!! Keep them coming.

    — Suzanne L.

  • Matt's videos explaining the charts are both informative and educational. Keep up the great work!

    — Steve L.

  • I'm pleased with your suggested stock purchases and how you skillfully use the charts to determine the future direction of a stock!

    — Anonymous

  • I really appreciated the trade advice. I was puzzled about how to cover Election Day. These trades will help and make me feel more confident.

    — Anonymous

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