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There is so much to talk about when it comes to mega-trends that are changing our world and the potential for investors to get rich that I’ve started a weekly podcast!

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Trend Highlights

The Path to Profitability Starts Here

Apr 05, 2020

We all dream of amazing profits from the next Google (GOOGL) or Amazon (AMZN). Well, this is the time to find them – among great small caps that have been unfairly hit in this coronavirus crisis. Not just any small caps, of course. The innovators. The job creators. The ones who show the early signs of going on to do great things. I’m talking about boldly buying something like Netflix (NFLX) in 2008. Back then, Netflix was mostly a mail-order DVD rental company. It was a small cap worth $1.3 billion. And we were in the thick of the financial crisis. Ten years later, you’d have been up 11,000%... even 12,000%. Sadly, many, many people missed out on that buying opportunity in 2008. Continue Reading…

You Must Do This If You Want to be Wealthy

Apr 04, 2020

Heading into this year, I was passionate about getting a very important message in front of investors. It was my thesis that the next decade would not only be the most innovative in history, but that the stock market would experience its largest gains ever. The start of 2020 – as brutal as it has been – reminds me of 1990. Stocks had already been in a bull market for eight years when the ball dropped on 1989 and ushered in the new decade. Most experts believed the bull market was over and that the 1990s would be a lost decade. Boy, were they wrong. The 1990s went on to become one of the greatest decades for stocks. Little technology companies you’d never heard of became household names. Continue Reading…

Cryptos, Beers, and Buy Lists

Apr 03, 2020

We began a new quarter, but market volatility remained this week as the number of coronavirus cases in the United States kept climbing and the monthly jobs report showed a steep increase in the unemployment rate. The S&P 500 closed down 2.9% for the week, but I like that it remains well off the March low. On this week’s episode of MoneyLine, I dive into the market action and discuss the best plan to start buying stocks. That’s right – it’s time to start buying again. But I recommend you be smart about how you do that. There is a specific road map you must follow if you want to make the most of this crisis market. The big number of the week was the March jobs report, which was as ugly as expected. But that’s not actually the main reason behind today’s sell-off. Continue Reading…

Latest Research Report

How the 5G Breakthrough Can Make You Rich

Latest Update: 2020

The next trillion-dollar companies – the next Amazon, the next Google, etc. – are being hatched in research facilities and garages around the world. These firms will further change the world and revolutionize our economy. Just as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft can’t function without the internet, the next generation of world-changing, $1 trillion mega winners can’t survive without the subject of this report... the super powerful infrastructure technology we call “5G.” In this report, I’ll explain what 5G is and why it’s so revolutionary. I’ll also detail some of the companies that will soar in value as 5G goes worldwide. Continue Reading…

Question of the Day

I get investing in trends before they take off. But why are some of the trends you recommend SO early in their life cycles?

The answer to that is simple. We don’t want to be the 100th person to an investment trend. We don’t want to be the 10th person… or even the second. We want to get there first.

When an investment opportunity is popular in the mainstream press, too many people know about it by then. There’s no way an investment can be cheap and undiscovered when it’s all over the news – which means 20X, 50X, even 100X potential gains are off the table.

Continue Reading…

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