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There is so much to talk about when it comes to mega-trends that are changing our world and the potential for investors to get rich that I’ve started a weekly podcast!

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Trend Highlights

The “Backbone” of All Tech Innovations This Decade

Jun 03, 2020

Take a moment and look around your home. I will guess you have at least one smartphone, a laptop computer, and probably an e-reader or two. I’m sure there are remote controls, smoke detectors, clocks and watches, small appliances, flashlights, maybe children’s toys, and your car outside your window. On some level, our daily lives all run on batteries. And a lot of them still use the lithium-ion technology introduced in 1980 by John Goodenough. Just last year, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for it. There have been improvements in size and density, but no revolutionary breakthroughs for the last 40 years… Until now. At the age of 97, John Goodenough continues to work on the next battery technology. Continue Reading…

The Surprising Way to Invest in This Trillion-Dollar Future

Jun 02, 2020

I haven’t owned a car in 15 years. I walk, scoot, hop on my moped, and take Ubers. I haven’t been out much amid the stay-at-home orders, but I’ve certainly noticed less traffic on Baltimore’s streets.   It’s not that I’ve sworn off cars. I’m just waiting. I plan to buy an autonomous vehicle (AV) as soon as I possibly can. In fact, I placed my order last November for Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck, which is expected in two years and is supposed to be self-driving. If it’s not, I’ll find one that is. AVs are incredibly interesting and exciting. They are one part of what I call Transportation 2.0 – the beginning of a new era that will reshape the world we live in and create a multi-trillion-dollar upheaval in one of the world’s most important industries. What's coming is big. Continue Reading…

Getting Rich from the Biggest, Most Lucrative Highway Ever Built

May 30, 2020

Last year in Beijing, a patient with Parkinson's disease went into surgery to receive a deep brain stimulation implant. This type of surgery happens relatively often… but this time was different. The surgeon was 1,800 miles away from the patient when it happened. That’s like a doctor in New York operating on someone in Salt Lake City. It was the world’s first remote brain surgery. It required state-of-the-art robotics and a live camera feed, enabling the surgeon to conduct the procedure as if he were right next to the patient. This life-changing operation would not have been possible on the existing 4G network. This type of procedure was only possible with an ultrafast, ultrareliable communication network – the new 5G. Continue Reading…

Latest Research Report

How the 5G Breakthrough Can Make You Rich

Latest Update: 2020

The next trillion-dollar companies – the next Amazon, the next Google, etc. – are being hatched in research facilities and garages around the world. These firms will further change the world and revolutionize our economy. Just as Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft can’t function without the internet, the next generation of world-changing, $1 trillion mega winners can’t survive without the subject of this report... the super powerful infrastructure technology we call “5G.” In this report, I’ll explain what 5G is and why it’s so revolutionary. I’ll also detail some of the companies that will soar in value as 5G goes worldwide. Continue Reading…

Question of the Day

I get investing in trends before they take off. But why are some of the trends you recommend SO early in their life cycles?

The answer to that is simple. We don’t want to be the 100th person to an investment trend. We don’t want to be the 10th person… or even the second. We want to get there first.

When an investment opportunity is popular in the mainstream press, too many people know about it by then. There’s no way an investment can be cheap and undiscovered when it’s all over the news – which means 20X, 50X, even 100X potential gains are off the table.

Continue Reading…

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