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3 Stocks to Buy for This Year’s Santa Claus Rally

Dec 15, 2017

The Santa Claus rally is something you hear a lot about this time of year – and for good reason. It describes a historically bullish time for stocks that includes the last week of December and the first two trading days of January. But it’s not just the very end of the year that’s typically good to investors. November through January is the best three-month period of the year for stocks, and December stands out as the belle of the ball. Since 1950, the S&P 500 has traded higher in the month 49 times while it’s only been down 17. That trends looks like it is going to continue in 2018, so it’s important that we position ourselves now. Continue Reading…

The NexGen Generation

Dec 13, 2017

I am all about making money in next-generation mega-trends, or NexGen as I call my investing system. That often means breakthrough innovations that will lead the way into the future or advancements on what already exists that change the game. In one instance, the next generation is actually a generation. It doesn’t matter what you call them – millennials, generation Y, echo boomers or anything else – every investor needs to know about this increasingly important demographic wave. They are now the largest group of individuals in American history, surpassing the vaunted baby boomers, and they are the next generation of pretty much everything. Continue Reading…

Should Investors Trust the AMBA Bounce?

Dec 10, 2017

Ambarella (AMBA) made headlines last week when it rallied 14% to its best level in a month on the back of its strong third-quarter results. The niche semiconductor company brought in revenue of $89 million, which was a slight beat but still down 11% from last year, while earnings of $0.75 a share bested the estimate by $0.08. Management also provided guidance that was basically in line with expectations. Investors clearly liked the report, but after looking the numbers over in more detail I’m not so sure this bounce will last. There are two long-term issues that are still facing the stock. Continue Reading…

STZ Remains Ahead of the Curve

Dec 07, 2017

Constellation Brands’ (STZ) story dates all the way back to 1945 when its founder was selling bulk wine to bottlers in the eastern part of the United States. Today, the company has a portfolio of over 100 brands that span wine, beer and spirits. It has the third-largest market share of all major beer suppliers. STZ stays ahead of the curve through its business model, and over the decades the company has been able to grow its business significantly through acquisitions. The one thing all of these acquisitions had in common was the fact they were in the alcoholic beverage market. However, management’s most recent move is raising some eyebrows. Continue Reading…

The Ultimate NexGen Holiday Trend

Dec 06, 2017

We all have a lot to do in the busy holiday season, but if you’re like me, you’re spending a lot more time on one thing anyway – unpacking and then recycling all of those boxes! Yes, I’ve become a couch potato shopper but I’m not alone. According to Adobe Analytics, U.S. retailers brought in a record $7.9 billion in online sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday – up nearly 18% from last year. And Cyber Monday was officially the largest online shopping day in U.S. history. Retail is a critical sector any time of the year, but especially now during the biggest shopping season. That makes retail the ultimate NexGen holiday trend. Continue Reading…

Is Bitcoin a Bubble Waiting to Pop?

Dec 03, 2017

The amount of questions I have received about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain in the last month is truly insane. For example, over the last week I have been involved in a series of meetings in Chicago and the topic has arisen endlessly. Even at dinner, where nobody has any ties to cryptocurrency, bitcoin and the like have taken center stage and I’ve been put on the spot to provide my thoughts. So today I’m voicing my opinion for everyone. Yes, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are real and here to stay. And also yes, bitcoin is the current leader in the cryptocurrency world. However, there's a bigger question here. Continue Reading…

Buy the Dip in SQ

Dec 01, 2017

Online payment processing company Square (SQ) has been on fire this year. It more than doubled between the summer and earlier this month and looked well positioned to compete in a high-growth NexGen sector. However, things took a turn for the worse on the morning of November 27, when an analyst at research firm BTIG said that SQ’s rally was “overdone.” The shares fell 16% in a single day and erased almost an entire month’s worth of gains. The stock was due for a pullback, but now what we’re seeing is yet another case of an analyst trying to make a name for himself with a ridiculous report that ties in one of the hottest trends in investing. Continue Reading…

The NexGen Way to Play the Bitcoin Craze

Nov 29, 2017

Bitcoin mania continues to grow. It’s all over the place now. Earlier today, I was looking at CNBC’s website and I saw was one headline with a prediction that Bitcoin would hit $1 million by 2020 – that’s after it just crossed $11,000 today – and another headline saying that the cryptocurrency’s parabolic move means it can’t last. An hour later, one of the top stories was how Bitcoin had plunged 18%. Try trading that with confidence. The good news is there's a smarter and safer way to make money off of this undeniable mega-trend: by investing in the breakthrough technology that's called blockchain. Continue Reading…

Is the Worst Over for TJX?

Nov 17, 2017

As the holiday shopping season approaches, it’s natural to turn toward would-be retail winners as good investments for the typical end-of-year rally. In fact, the 2017 holiday season is setting up to be the biggest ever for retailers. However, not every brick-and-mortar store represents a good opportunity right now. And one in particular that I’m staying away from is TJX Companies (TJX). Let me explain why. TJX has a solid track record of beating earnings, but in its latest report that came out earlier this week the numbers were completely underwhelming. Continue Reading…

China Remains a Huge NexGen Opportunity

Nov 15, 2017

One story that spooked investors a little earlier this week was economic data out of China, which showed that growth has slowed. But remember, headlines are meant to be eye-catching. Let me put it in real perspective for you. China is still on track to see its economy grow more than the prior year for the first time since 2010, and growth for the first half of the year was 6.9%, more than double the U.S. There is no doubt that China, Asia and some other emerging markets are still a NexGen mega-trend that investors have to pay attention to. The opportunities are just too big to ignore. Continue Reading…
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