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Yield Curve Craziness: All You Need to Know to Keep Making Money

Mar 26, 2019

Head for the hills! Go to cash! A recession is coming! That’s been the cry in the financial media the last few days as we faced the dreaded inverted yield curve. Should you be scared? Should you change your investing strategy? No and no. The yield curve – especially an inverted yield curve – is a legitimate economic indicator. We shouldn’t dismiss it. At the same time, it’s not as simple as the headlines make it out to be. Nothing ever is. It’s critical that you know the proper context. That’s what I want to help you with today, so you understand the scary headlines and can take full advantage of the opportunities created by those who don’t. Continue Reading…

More Profitable than the Uber and Lyft IPOs

Mar 22, 2019

It is the moment a lot of investors have been waiting for. It is finally time for the Silicon Valley unicorns and ride-sharing giants to make their market debuts. Uber – the biggest name in the industry today – plans to make its initial public offering (IPO) in April. But Lyft, the smaller, more centrally-focused of the two, launched its pre-IPO “road show” this week. The stock is scheduled to start trading on the NASDAQ next Friday, March 29, under the symbol “LYFT.” Assuming all goes according to plan, Lyft will become the first-ever U.S. ride-hailing company to go public. These companies point us to one major trend – the growth of autonomous vehicles and the emergence of robo-taxis. Continue Reading…

Two Similar Opportunities that Can Make You a Fortune

Mar 21, 2019

I’m a huge sports fan. Always have been. I’m an even bigger fan of making money. Much bigger actually, and that’s saying something. We’re smack in the middle of a great time for both. In terms of sports, the NBA and NHL playoffs start in just a few weeks. Major League Baseball’s spring training is in “full swing” (sorry, couldn’t resist). In fact, I’m writing to you from Florida, where I’m catching a few Philadelphia Phillies’ practices and games. And to top it all off… the 2019 NCAA basketball tournament just got under way. You’ve likely heard it called “March Madness,” and that brings us to investing. More than 40 million people were expected to fill out those famous brackets. Continue Reading…

Why Marijuana REITs Are One of the Best Cannabis Investments Today

Mar 19, 2019

What a difference five years makes. If you were with me back then, I urged you to keep your eye on marijuana stocks. If you watched Fox Business, you saw me get ridiculed for saying so. And now, as legalization has spread to 11 states – and counting – the cannabis industry is on the brink of explosive growth. But there are two key hurdles to overcome… and marijuana REITs like Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) are solving them both. For growers, it’s not easy to produce high-grade marijuana. Nor is it cheap. For investors, the options have been limited, as that Schedule 1 label prohibits most U.S. companies from listing on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Continue Reading…

Can an Old Dog That Learns New Tricks Make You Money?

Mar 14, 2019

Full disclosure right up front: I’m not a pet guy. It’s just not my thing, and I’m too busy with my work. I’m on the road today heading to a cannabis conference in Indianapolis. I’ll be in Florida next week. I’m going to China later in the year. Travel is important to my stock research, so I wouldn’t have time to have a pet even if I wanted one. It’s not that I don’t like animals, and I don’t want to offend anyone who does. Based on the trends, that’s clearly a lot of people. At times, I’ve felt like I’m the only one who doesn’t have a pet. I bring this up because I want to ask all you dog owners out there… Is it true that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” as the old saying goes? Continue Reading…

As U.S. Market Heats Up, Pot Stocks Cash In

Mar 13, 2019

I’m packing my bags and getting ready to head to my second cannabis conference of the year. If it’s anything like the first one, the buzz will be about the next big domino expected to fall in the wave of legalization. A big part of my job is hitting the road and staying in contact with industry insiders and executives to help my readers get to the biggest investment opportunities first. There’s no substitute for face-to-face conversations. That’s what I did a little over a month ago in Miami, and now I’m heading to Indianapolis. I’ve been following the huge opportunities in marijuana companies for nearly a decade, but when I left the last conference, my enthusiasm for the long-term wealth-building potential was at a new level. Continue Reading…

One of My Best Calls Can Help You Make Money Right Now

Mar 12, 2019

Exactly 10 years ago, I nailed it. I don’t mean to brag, but it was one of the best calls I ever made. The date was Friday, March 6, 2009. I was appearing on television on Fox Business. The market had been in a long and brutal decline after the financial crisis and Great Recession. The S&P 500 was down 57% from its last high, which had come nearly two years earlier. Investors were not happy. I went against the grain. The selling was about done, I said. Long-term investors needed to buy stocks. The market made its intraday bottom that very day. The next trading day, Monday, March 9, the S&P 500 made its closing low of 676.53. Ten years later on Friday, March 8, 2019, the S&P closed at 2,743.07 – a 311% gain. Continue Reading…

How to Profit From the “Holy Grail” That is Transportation 2.0

Mar 08, 2019

Is he a brilliant innovator creating the next world-beating company? Or is he a brilliant eccentric with fascinating ideas but whose company never gets past a certain point? I’m not sure we know the answer to that question yet. But what I do know is that Elon Musk is front and center in some of the giant investment trends in which investors can make 20 times… 30 times… even 40 times their money. If you bet against him, you take your chances. If you bet with him, you take your chances as well. Most of the giant investment trends Musk finds himself in the middle of fall into what I call Transportation 2.0 – an industry I have no doubt will be worth trillions of dollars one day. Continue Reading…

Martha Stewart and the Huge Marijuana Story Everyone is Missing

Mar 06, 2019

They seem an unlikely pair to co-host a TV show. One is a rapper and actor. The other is a home decorating and lifestyle guru (whatever that is). Both are successful entrepreneurs. Both have had run-ins with the law. They are also friends, and their show is called “Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.” It started over two years ago on VH1, but whoever named it must have had a crystal ball. The title now means more than a meal where everybody brings something. Both Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are now involved with a pot company. In fact, Snoop’s management company was the one that suggested Canopy Growth (CGC) get in touch with Martha Stewart. Continue Reading…

Miracle-Gro and Marijuana: How to Cash In on Legal Weed with “Picks and Shovels”

Mar 05, 2019

I’ve made no secret of my enthusiasm for marijuana as an explosive trend, and for certain pot stocks with big potential. Today, let’s do something that may sound a little strange at first. Let’s set aside the companies that handle the actual marijuana flower, CBD oil, and hemp – and look at some what I call “secondary” plays. Why? For one thing, without federal legalization, the NYSE and NASDAQ won’t list marijuana stocks that do business in the United States. More importantly, though, secondary plays can actually be one of the best ways to participate in a long-term investment trend. Continue Reading…
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