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How Exponential Progress Means More Money Faster

Jan 21, 2019

If you’re like a lot of people, you might assume that autonomous vehicles (AVs) are some kind of “Jetsons” idea that will take years – if not decades – to play out. There’s good reason for that. Conventional progress is like going for a walk. You take one step, you advance one step. After taking 10 steps, you are 10 steps away from where you started. Pretty simple, right? Well, exponential progress – the kind taking place in technology labs and businesses RIGHT NOW – radically changes the equation… and radically accelerates the pace of change we see in the world. Continue Reading…

How AVs Can Make You Rich Even if People Don’t Buy Them

Jan 20, 2019

We’ve talked about how autonomous vehicles (AVs) will disrupt what is already a $7 trillion industry. We’ve talked about how sales of AVs could grow 660-fold in the coming decades. And we’ve talked about ways investors can double or triple their money… or more. But what if people don’t want to buy AVs? Hey, if you like driving your car, with your elbow out the window and the wind in your hair… If you like the smell of gasoline and like to change your carburetor… that’s fine. But even if people like you and me never buy a single autonomous vehicle, investors will still get rich – for one reason. Continue Reading…

The Biggest Winners in the Pivot to Smart Cities

Jan 19, 2019

Think about how cities have evolved over time. Many of the old European cities still have stone walls surrounding them. The walls were built to protect the citizens and keep invaders out. Back then, life pretty much revolved around what happened within those walls. There wasn’t much direct contact with the outside world. Boy have things changed. The urbanization of America has caused cities to morph into large information hubs. We now stand on the edge of a true transformation. We are closer than ever to the “smart cities” of the future. Continue Reading…

How the Gold Rush Strategy Can Make You a Fortune In the Transportation Transformation

Jan 19, 2019

Most investors are familiar with the “picks and shovels” approach to investing in a business or commodity boom. For good reason. The right picks and shovels investment offers big upside yet limited downside. This business model – selling picks and shovels to a booming industry – is extremely powerful. You get paid by all players, big and small. Any time I invest in a sector, I immediately look around for good “picks and shovels” plays. Let’s look at what kinds of “picks and shovels” the autonomous vehicle industry will need… Continue Reading…

Trillions of Dollars Are About to Move from Old to New: Here’s How to Get Your Share

Jan 18, 2019

The car as we know it is on the verge of a transformative change not seen since Karl Benz invented it. In fact, the whole transportation sector is now poised for its version of 2.0. I’m not exaggerating when I say this will lead to trillions of dollars in money sloshing around in the coming decades. It’s a two-fold transformation. Electric vehicles (EVs) are phase one. At this point, only 1.3% of all new vehicles sold around the globe are EVss. That still small number shows the enormous growth potential in the coming decades. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) will make us even more money. Continue Reading…

How the World’s Best Investors Are Investing in Self-Driving Cars

Jan 17, 2019

The world with autonomous vehicles (AVs) sounds like science fiction. It used to be. But we are closer than ever to it being real. So much of typical daily life revolves around traveling by car. The development of autonomous vehicles (AVs) will transform trillions of dollars’ worth of manufacturing and service businesses. Imagine relaxing and productive commutes even in rush hour traffic. Imagine a day of fun and games with the family inside your car as it drives you to the beach. Imagine sending your car to pick up your child from baseball practice. It’s hard to fathom a car that can drive itself and get you safely to your destination. Continue Reading…

The Phoenix Experiment: Proving Ground for One of the Biggest Investment Opportunities You’ll Ever See

Jan 16, 2019

When you hear the words “Phoenix, Arizona,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s things like hot weather, the desert, year-round golf, and hosting major football games. Phoenix is about to add another item to that list. The city is about to go down in history as “ground zero” for a historic economic revolution… one that will totally reshape the way we work, play, communicate, and travel. This revolution will not be measured in the billions of dollars, but in the trillions of dollars. Continue Reading…

This Rare Set of Events Will Trigger 50X Stock Gains

Jan 16, 2019

As you read this, a rare set of events has created what I believe will be one of the five biggest investment opportunities of your life, no matter when you were born. I believe this rare set of events will trigger a financial boom that will hand investors 10X gains… 20X gains… even some 50X gains. The boom will trace its roots to Phoenix, Arizona. The city is about to go down in history as “ground zero” for a historic economic revolution… one that will totally reshape the way we work, play, communicate, and travel. This revolution will not be measured in the billions of dollars, but in the trillions of dollars. Continue Reading…

Is It Time to Start Buying FB Again?

Jan 13, 2019

Facebook (FB) and its founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, are posterchildren for the hero-to-zero persona. For years Zuckerburg was viewed as the man who connected the world through social media. And he created trillions of dollars in value for companies related to the social media space. But today that same man is viewed as the villain who introduced the world to social media and created the online monster that is Facebook. Still, I am not ready to press the hypothetical delete button on FB stock just yet. However, I am also not ready to proclaim that the $123.02 low hit in December was the stock’s ultimate bottom. Continue Reading…

Bet Big on the Next Generation of Batteries

Jan 11, 2019

Watch out. One of the next decade’s biggest technology breakthroughs will be in batteries. I’m not talking about the AA and AAA batteries you need to power a TV remote or children’s toy. I’m talking about the industrial batteries that power things like electric and autonomous vehicles, smartphones, and more. The current lithium-ion batteries are passable for today’s technology, but they’re not adequate for the next generation of devices. Batteries of the future will need to go further on a single charge, and their overall lifespan will need to increase dramatically as well. That's where solid state batteries come in. Continue Reading…
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