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Spotting Tomorrow’s Winners Today

May 23, 2018

First there was FANG. Then there was FAANG. No matter what acronym you prefer or what it will eventually become, much of the noise on Wall Street is centered on the world’s largest companies. But here’s the thing: When you remove those stocks and some other big tech names from the equation, you get a very different picture. The fact is that a majority of large-cap companies are struggling to keep their heads above water. That's why I’m more interested in investing in stocks that aren’t quite as well-known right now yet are on a path to become some of Wall Street’s biggest names in the future. That’s where the real money is made. Continue Reading…

Start Betting on the Gambling Industry

May 20, 2018

Early this week the Supreme Court ruled that individual states can choose whether to legalize or prohibit sports betting, voiding the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 and paving the way for legalized gambling on all types of sports events outside of Las Vegas. This was big news, and it opens up a lot of opportunity in an industry that probably wasn’t on a lot of investors’ radar. In fact, Bank of America (BAC) predicts that the gross revenue from legal sports betting will increase from the current $200 million annually to $5-$10 billion in the next five years. The low end of that range represents a 25X gain. Continue Reading…

The 5 Best Charts in the Market Right Now

May 18, 2018

The market has made some big strides over the last few weeks, and the patterns on the charts have been improving nicely. Each of the three major indices remains off its all-time highs, but diving down into individual stocks we can uncover a select few that stand out above the rest. I run through upwards of 1,000 charts daily, and given some of the action I’ve been seeing recently I wanted to share five that are head and shoulders above their peers. Continue Reading…

A Rare Opportunity to Get in Early

May 16, 2018

I am in the business of investing and helping people make money, and while I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, I’m not ashamed to say that it can lead to anxiety and stress. I have tried different ways of dealing with it, from traditional medication to meditation and yoga, but recently I tried something that really amazed me. During a trip to Kansas City to attend a wedding, I visited a store that sells what’s called CBD oil, which is extracted from hemp plants and also found in marijuana plants. That makes CBD oil just one part of a powerful NexGen mega-trend that has the potential to make people a lot of money. Continue Reading…

NTDOY Hasn’t Reached its Peak Yet

May 11, 2018

Late last month, Nintendo (NTDOY) announced that its current CEO is stepping down and would be replaced by a board member. A change in management in a company that has been a leader in the gaming space might throw up some red flags, but not in this case. Current CEO Tatsumi Kimishima was behind the success of the Switch console, which helped NTDOY more than double its revenue in fiscal 2017 to $9.66 billion. Of course, losing Kimishima will sting given all he’s given to the company, but incoming CEO Shuntaro Furukawa is more than capable of taking the reins. Continue Reading…

The First $1 Trillion Stock – and the Race to Be the Second

May 09, 2018

The rich are getting richer. Apple (AAPL), the world’s largest publicly traded company, continues to hit new all-time highs after strong earnings last week and a huge endorsement from famed investor Warren Buffett, who announced that his holding company has purchased 75 million shares of the company. Berkshire now owns nearly $45 billion worth of Apple, which is a lot of money but still only amounts to a 5% stake. That’s because Apple’s market capitalization is now $950 billion, making it all but a shoe-in to be the first publicly traded company to be worth $1 trillion. Continue Reading…

Should You Swipe Left on FB in the Dating Space?

May 04, 2018

All the single ladies got some good news this week when it was announced that Facebook (FB) would be getting into the dating game. The headline wasn’t a big mover for the social media giant, but it did deliver a knockout punch to the current leader in online dating – Match Group (MTCH). Best known for its Tinder dating app, MTCH has been a global leader in matchmaking since long before FB was even an algorithm on a dorm room window. According to the company, it has generated 5.2 million relationships in the last four years through its brands. Continue Reading…

The Huge Potential of Early-Stage Companies

May 02, 2018

If you’re tired of the overhyped headlines, political posturing and negative thinking in general, I have the cure for you. Spend a few days around entrepreneurs who are fighting with everything they have to make their businesses successful and I guarantee you will come away feeling better about our future and our country. I attended the FUND Conference in Austin last week and the overall environment was incredibly positive – when you get hundreds of entrepreneurs and investors together, the focus is on making things happen instead of bemoaning everything that’s wrong. Continue Reading…

Bullish Thesis Remains for FB Post-Earnings

Apr 28, 2018

I’ve never been shy about my interest in Facebook (FB). Even after the Cambridge Analytica scandal sent the stock to its lowest level since June of last year, I maintained my long-term bullish view that the selling was an overreaction and that the stock would regain its lost ground. The reaction to the data breach caused FB to enter into its own personal bear market – it fell 24% from its all-time high in February to the low in March. The stock has been choppy in the time since, but a blowout earnings report this week finally gave FB some new life. Continue Reading…

The NexGen Trend in Startups

Apr 25, 2018

I had the privilege of attending a conference this week in Austin that focused on women and investing. The title was as expected, Women Investing in Women, and it was put on by the FUND Conference. It was not really about investing in stocks, but it definitely tied in to our focus on emerging trends and our changing world, so I wanted to talk this week about what I learned and how it could ultimately affect our investing. The conference focused on women putting money into privately owned companies led by other women. My biggest takeaway from the conference was that women-led companies are definitely the hot trend in startups. Continue Reading…
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