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Is 116X Growth Really Possible?

May 16, 2019

Hello from Beijing! I’m writing to you from China. It was a long journey to get here, but it’s worth it, because I am taking full advantage and doing some of the boots-on-the-ground research that is so important. It’s something a lot of analysts don’t make the effort to do. My timing worked out well because China has once again been in the headlines amid the back-and-forth on tariffs and trade issues with the U.S. It’s clearly affected the market. Is it all just noise? Or something more concerning? I see it more as noise… like an annoying rattle in your car that you really want to get rid of but doesn’t mean the car is broken. Continue Reading…

Make Your Fortune in the Birth of a “New” Industry

May 15, 2019

Sometimes I swear the whole world is reading our stuff. I know that’s not the case, but it seems as if we just talk about a great opportunity and then I see it all over the headlines. For example, I sent you a special series of articles all last week examining how U.S. legalization of marijuana is closer than ever… and signs point to this huge, game-changing development happening sooner than most people think. We talked about changing public attitudes toward marijuana, and boom… new poll results come out with some pretty dramatic results. Continue Reading…

A Surprising Player and an Electric Vehicle Breakthrough

May 14, 2019

Two hours west of London, at an abandoned Royal Air Force base, a major electric car initiative has begun... by none other than Dyson. Most of you know Dyson for its vacuums, hand dryers, and fans. But I, for one, have been waiting for its electric vehicle (EV) for years – ever since it made a key acquisition that I’ll get to in a moment. In November, we found out that Dyson will build an auto plant in Singapore. It is looking to invest $2.7 billion in EVs. Now, at the old Hullavington airfield, the company will research and test its EV prototypes right at home in the UK. Continue Reading…

Buying Tomorrow’s Marijuana Leaders for Pocket Change

May 10, 2019

As we were speaking this week, one of the legalization catalysts we discussed took another step forward. Attorneys general (AGs) from 38 states and territories as well as treasurers from 17 states called on Congress to pass the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. Sounds like the nation’s top law enforcement officials also think it’s time to bring order out of the chaos and open the legalization door even further. And when that door is finally wide open, look out. That next wave of wealth could be explosive. Continue Reading…

The Next Marijuana Winner Will Be American… This Chart Proves It

May 09, 2019

Canadian stocks have gotten more love from Wall Street these past seven months than probably the last 17 years. All because the Great White North (as it’s often called) transformed itself into the Great Green North. Canada was the very first major country to fully legalize marijuana on all levels. That move had been in the works for years. When it finally happened in October 2018, it made a lot of people a lot of money. But a lot of the most attractive Canadian pot stocks have just gotten too expensive to buy today. Continue Reading…

6 Signs That Marijuana Legalization is Closer Than You Think

May 08, 2019

Given that we’ve been under marijuana prohibition for generations, many folks are still skeptical. Well, based on the facts, news, and trends – not a gut feeling for or against marijuana – I do expect legalization, and soon. I told you about a couple of the biggest developments yesterday – comments from connected insiders and the historic deal for the biggest marijuana company in the world to acquire a U.S. company when cannabis becomes legal. It doesn’t stop there. Today, I have six more reasons why you should expect legalization soon. Continue Reading…

Marijuana Legalization Is Coming – Here’s How We Know

May 07, 2019

Some people don’t quite believe me when I tell them it’s coming. I get it. Marijuana has been illegal in the United States for more than 80 years. Even with the writing on the wall, established attitudes are slow to change. But yesterday I shared with you my biggest marijuana prediction yet: President Donald Trump is going to nationalize marijuana on the federal level. I don’t make that prediction lightly. I am as serious as can be. So today I want to tell you some of the reasons why I’m making such a bold statement. Continue Reading…

Get Ready: My Biggest Marijuana Prediction Yet

May 06, 2019

Oh boy… the lemmings are really piling into marijuana stocks. I’ve been recommending marijuana investments since 2014… so five years now. Many of my early recommendations have soared hundreds, even thousands of percent. I’ve gotten to know many of the most important players in the industry. I’ve also personally invested in private marijuana deals that have produced some stunning successes. And my biggest prediction is yet to come. This week I’m sharing a series of articles to debut the prediction and explain why the biggest, boldest gains are yet to come… for the right marijuana stocks. Continue Reading…

China’s “Tesla Killer” Boasts Massive New Innovation

May 03, 2019

Tesla (TSLA) caught a lot of grief this week for its first-quarter numbers. But it’s still got the Model S. Not just a “pretty face,” it can go 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds, almost silently. It’s one of the best cars on the road… But maybe not for long. Every automaker from Ford Motor (F) to Audi (AUDVF) is racing to build the “Tesla Killer.” Now Enovate — the premium brand from Chinese electric vehicle startup DearCC — says it’s got it. Continue Reading…

You Need to Know This Story

May 01, 2019

That was fast! Just two weeks ago, I emailed you a series of articles explaining how you can get rich from a rare market anomaly. I introduced you to what I call my Jumper Stock System. This system identifies and exploits one of the biggest but often overlooked catalysts in the marijuana market. I hope you paid attention, because just five trading days after the final article, one of the stocks my system identified made the announcement we expected. We’re already seeing the beginnings of what I expect will ultimately be a sky high trajectory. Continue Reading…
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