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Where to Look for the Next Amazon

By Matt McCallJan 26, 2019

Back at its beginning, Amazon (AMZN) was an online seller of books. That’s it. Hard to remember those days, isn’t it?

It still sells books, but it also sells much, much more. In the process of growing into an online retail giant worth a staggering $800 billion, it also created one of the richest men on Earth.

There may never be another Amazon. In fact, it is likely that there won’t be another Amazon. But there are plenty of other fast-growing industries out there that offer companies the opportunity to dominate in a similar way.

One of my favorites is the booming marijuana industry, which is on the verge of explosive growth as legalization spreads throughout the United States and even the whole world.

The leading online retailer in that space – the “Amazon of Marijuana” if you will – is Namaste Technologies (NXTTF). It’s a $315 million company that operates 32 websites in 20 countries. Namaste considers itself “Your Everything Cannabis Store,” offering vaporizers, glassware, cannabidiol (CBD) products, accessories, and more.

Avenues for Growth

One reason I like this company is its wholly-owned subsidiary CannMart, an online marketplace for medical cannabis that is sourced from various licensed producers. CannMart received the first no cultivation, sales-only license in Canada.

Namaste also owns, an e-commerce platform that connects doctors with medical marijuana patients. A potential patient will fill out an application and have a video consultation with a doctor. If approved, the patient can receive their medical marijuana recommendation via email. Even more important is that same patient can have their prescription filled by CannMart and delivered to their home within two days.

In the future, Namaste plans to incorporate its artificial intelligence (AI) technology into NamasteMD as well as its other business lines.

Namaste currently has more than 1.5 million customers globally. Sales are expected to jump 69% to $18.6 million this year. The company’s run rate (a month of sales annualized to a full-year number) should reach $100 million by this December, up more than 100% from the previous year. If the company can achieve that goal, the stock will be greatly undervalued compared to the rest of the cannabis industry.

This is a strong business for several reasons, but I particularly like its diversity ranging from e-commerce to medical marijuana to global telemedicine to AI. Those are some of the most cutting-edge industries of today. However, the stock has been under pressure the last few months following a short seller’s unwarranted comments.

It’s a gift. That pressure has created an amazing opportunity to get into a well-established, global company. Over the long term, I can certainly see Namaste becoming the Amazon of Marijuana.

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