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Bet on the Massive Potential of Deep Learning Stocks

By Matt McCallFeb 03, 2019

The majority of investors are familiar with artificial intelligence (AI) and the fact that it is currently being injected into nearly every industry. From cars to factories to shopping trips, AI is helping improve experiences all over the globe.

But if you delve further into the world of AI, you come across a niche sector called deep learning. With this technology, computers are able to identify patterns and trends and then analyze that data to make educated decisions.

This sounds like something human brains allow us to do on our own. But with deep learning, computers can identify and analyze data millions of times faster than any human ever could. And this speed and accuracy will be required for future technology like self-driving cars.

Today I would like to talk about two companies leading the way in the deep learning space. Neither is a pure play on the sector, but both will see their businesses benefit greatly from the technology in the years ahead.

1. Alphabet (GOOGL)

The company more commonly known as Google is a leader in most technologies – and AI and deep learning are no exception. Alphabet has been working on deep learning for years already, but it really took things into overdrive with its 2014 purchase of a small start-up called DeepMind.

If you have never heard of DeepMind, you may be more familiar with the story of Chinese game Go. It’s a very intricate and complex game that I like to equate to chess on steroids. The AlphaGo computer that runs on DeepMind’s technology was able to beat the chess world champion thanks to its deep learning technique.

Then there is GOOGL’s Waymo division, which is currently the clear leader in the race to autonomous vehicles. Deep learning is key to the future of transportation. Think of it this way: Vehicles driving down the road at 70 miles per hour need to make decisions instantly. Very complex deep learning skills will make that possible.

2. Facebook (FB)

The world leader in social media is also a major player in AI and deep learning. Over the last five years it has been buying up private companies that are developing deep learning technology.

In fact, some of FB’s applications are already using deep learning. DeepFace recognizes peoples’ faces in photos with great accuracy. Think about how the app pops up with suggestions when you’re tagging pictures. And DeepText can determine the purpose of a post and helps eliminate spam on your newsfeed.

These things may not sound groundbreaking today. But FB is taking all the information its users are sharing with it and building a better and smarter social media platform – and more importantly, an increasingly more successful advertising giant.

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