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Illinois Just Opened Up a Billion-Dollar Market

By Matt McCallJun 04, 2019

News flash to anyone who still thinks that legal-weed bills are doomed: Illinois just proved you wrong.

Governor J.B. Pritzker — a billionaire Democrat who ran on legalization — is about to sign a bill ending marijuana prohibition in his state. This makes Illinois the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana. (The 12th if you count Washington, D.C.)

I wanted to take a closer look at this event today. Because whether or not you live in Illinois, this is a big deal — for several reasons:

1. Legal weed made it through the state legislature. Previously, only the much-smaller state of Vermont was able to legalize this way, versus a ballot referendum. This has to be encouraging to pro-legalization politicians in other states… and in Congress. (It’s yet another reason why I expect full federal legalization sooner than you think.)

2. Now, almost a third of Americans will live in a state where adults can purchase recreational marijuana.

Illinois is the 6th biggest U.S. state by population. And, with nearly 13 million people, Illinois will be second only to California on the legal-weed roster.

So, naturally…

3. Illinois will bring a LOT to the table for the cannabis industry. We’re talking:

  • $1.6 billion a year in expected sales, according to Chicago Business. And that’s just from recreational use. When you factor in medical marijuana – a market that’s already thriving in Illinois – the future is even brighter:
  • $2.9 billion a year by 2024, projects Alliance Global Partners. “Illinois is going to be huge,” agrees the Brightfield Group, noting that Illinois will soon rival Colorado… a state with a more established industry – but only half the people.
  • Governor Pritzker thinks legal marijuana will earn Illinois $170 million… just in the first year. There’s no doubt that tax revenue is one reason states are jumping on the bandwagon.

4. This could be a huge job creator. Illinois is already home to several of the top cannabis companies, like Cresco Labs (CRLBF). And Cresco is planning to double its workforce there.

From its home base in Chicago, Cresco has some pretty ambitious goals for expansion. In April came the news that it would purchase Origin House (ORHOF) for approximately $850 million.

Cresco is already one of the biggest American cannabis companies, with $21.1 million in first-quarter revenues. But if you count its pending acquisitions of Origin House and VidaCann, Cresco would have made $33.9 million. Origin House might be based in Ontario — but what it really does for Cresco is open up America’s oldest and largest legal-weed market: California.

That’s just one example. And for us as investors, it’s time to get on board this train — or watch it pass us by.

At Investment Opportunities, I’m closely monitoring stocks like Cresco for a potential buy. It’s certainly a better bargain than most of the Canadian pot stocks.

However, there are a few OTHER stocks that are attractive and still in “penny stock” territory.

Why I Like Penny Pot Stocks Ahead of Full Legalization

Penny stocks often get a bad rap. But they are actually critical to the global marketplace. The world needs tiny companies — just as much as bigger ones. They’re the job creators. The innovators. And they’re the places to look for the biggest gains once marijuana legalization occurs.

As an investor, if you’re looking for the next Netflix (NFLX) or Apple (AAPL), this is where you’ll find it.

You just want to be VERY choosy about which ones you buy.

I use strict guidelines to pick penny stocks — and I tell you all about them in this presentation.

When I used my five-step evaluation process on the marijuana market, I identified four stocks that are worth buying now.

During my presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to secure a free copy of America’s Top 4 Marijuana Moonshot StocksI’ll even give you a fifth bonus name just for fun.

P.S. I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that the next wave of marijuana wealth could be explosive.

I want you to see for yourself what is truly at stake for investors who get in BEFORE America legalizes nationally.

I want you to understand why it’s critical to invest now… before the announcement of the national legalization of marijuana!

Marijuana’s next wave of wealth is approaching much quicker than you think. Stay tuned to MoneyWire. And if you want more information now, please click here.

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