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Inside the “Silicon Valley of Cars”

By Matt McCallJul 17, 2019

I’m all about spotting big, game-changing trends. And in the automotive industry, it’s easy: Just check out the newest racecars.

In this world, major racing hubs are like the Silicon Valley of cars. Tech startups have their “incubators,” where companies like Airbnb and Dropbox were born. And car companies have the speedway.

In one brand-new racing league, the Electric Production Car Series, all of the entrants are Tesla Model S. This car is not just another electric vehicle (EV) — it’s one of the greatest technological achievements of our age, with the ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. And with even more power (and less weight), it becomes a top-of-the-line racecar.

But when it comes to racing EVs, the big name is Formula E. These EVs are almost as fast as Formula One cars — reaching 180 miles per hour on the straightaways — but much quieter.

If you’ve ever been to an auto race – or even heard obnoxiously loud cars on regular roads – you know how strange that is. When electric supercars race, no one needs earplugs. And at everyday speeds, the cars are practically silent. After all, instead of the gasoline engine, there’s just an electric motor.

So, in this arena, the batteries are the stars of the show!

In Formula E racing, the title sponsor is ABB Ltd. (ABB), the Swiss industrial conglomerate — and a major player in Europe’s electric car infrastructure. So, naturally, the races are a chance for ABB to show off its tech. Outside the track, you’ll see a big display of ABB’s “Gen 2” racecar batteries.

In the first Formula E races, pit crews had to rush out and change the batteries halfway through. They lasted about 25 minutes.

The new batteries last for a full 45-minute race. And they’re pretty massive.

If you’ve been following MoneyWire or Investment Opportunities, you know I like to keep my finger to the pulse of technology like this. So let’s take a look at what ABB Formula E has come up with here:

To get the power they need — which is equivalent to 300 laptops or 4,000 cell phones! — these electric racecars devote half their weight (or roughly 750 pounds) to the battery.

And ahead of last weekend’s race in Red Hook, Brooklyn, one driver said, “We already know we’re going to overheat the batteries.”

Right now, even top-of-the-line racecars, sporting the latest and greatest EV technology, rely on the very same battery that powers your iPhone or laptop: the lithium-ion battery.

Lithium-ion was originally developed for Sony camcorders back in the 1980s. And it was also in Samsung’s infamous “exploding phones.”

Remember when flight attendants were confiscating them? When the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would overheat, it caught fire. And everything from Teslas to HP laptops have had the same issue with their lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries have come a long way, but they are closing in on their limits.

So you can see why major car companies — and Formula E participants — like Nissan (NSANY), BMW (BMWYY), and Volkswagen (VWAGY) are investing in next-generation batteries.

This battery has:

  • Better energy density, making it smaller, lighter, but more powerful.
  • Shorter charging time due to fewer materials, which could produce a stronger current. One Chinese company, Enovate, is boasting a charge time of 80% in 15 minutes. That’s twice as fast as Tesla.
  • Better safety. Unlike what we use now, this battery does not have toxic, flammable liquid inside. In one memorable test, a battery startup called Ionic Materials shot its with a Remington .22. It took three bullets, did not catch fire, and kept working!

That’s all great news for racecar drivers. And Formula E could be the perfect testing ground for this new technology.

Volkswagen, which is already laying the groundwork to be fully electric by 2030, is working with a Silicon Valley startup to get these batteries into its cars and SUVs. The company is already one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, and if it can meet expectations I look for it to dominate the EV space, too — largely thanks to this new battery.

Audi, Porsche, and Mercedes all want these next-generation batteries in their fleets as soon as possible. So do General Motors (GM), Ford Motor (F), Toyota Motor (TM), Honda Motor (HMC), Mitsubishi Motors (MMTOF), and Hyundai Motor (HYMTF).

I could go on…

But as an investor, I’d rather own a pure play on the battery revolution.

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