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Why Apple Will Be A Whole-New Company in Five Years

By Matt McCallAug 08, 2019

I’m a big fan of Apple (AAPL) products. I wear an Apple Watch every day.

So I say this with love: Apple is going to be a completely different company in five years. In fact, it’s already on that track now… far from the days when Steve Jobs would get onstage in his famous black turtlenecks and preview the latest iPhone, with all the eyes of the world watching.

“Apple” has always been synonymous with “innovation” — that’s still true today. The company basically invented the Internet of Things (IoT), and now it’s riding that trend in new ways.

When people talk about the IoT, the classic example is the “smart refrigerator.” You’re driving home, and you get a text message: “We’re low on milk.” Only it’s not from your significant other… it’s from your refrigerator.

But from a business standpoint, are smart refrigerators a growth industry? Sure, to a degree. But when you think about transformative growth, major players like Apple — and investors like me — are paying very close attention to another IoT trend: medical IoT.

To show you why, I shared this chart the other day, in my 10X Innovation Summit. Take a look, and it’ll be very clear:

When analysts are predicting 14X growth in just 10 years, that’s when it’s pretty clear you’ve found a money-maker! So, it’s no wonder that Apple would move into this market.

In the company’s earnings last week, iPhone sales were down (although still a significant revenue driver for Apple). Yet the stock moved higher on the earnings report! Why? Because Apple wearables helped make up the difference.

Wearables like the Apple Watch are much more than a gimmick. They’re helping people like me take control of our lives — and especially our health.

Most importantly, these wearables are helping move healthcare into the 21st century. Rather than waiting in the same old crowded waiting rooms to get a checkup (that may or may not tell you much), you can call up your doctor, you can have your own data on-hand, and you can get better care, more efficiently.

The latest version of the Apple Watch — the Series 4 — is actually an approved medical device. It can alert you to a low heart rate, detect your heart rhythm, and even conduct an ECG (or EKG).

This is the future: telemedicine, and personalized, precision healthcare. Lots of tech companies say they want to “make the world a better place”… and by making wearable, connected medical devices, they can actually do that.

The Big Picture: A $15 Trillion Market

That’s all well and good — now, how do we invest in this?

Well, let’s pull back for a second and look at the entire market for IoT.

There are the smart cities, which we discussed yesterday. Businesses, homes, cars… all factor into the global IoT market and the coming 5G network, along with connected health.

Individual companies like Apple play a role in some of that. But every second, 127 new devices connect to the internet. All in all, companies are expected to invest $15 trillion in IoT in eight years (from 2017 to 2025).

So when you’re investing like a venture capitalist, and building a basket of stocks with the potential to make 10X your money — as I show you how to do in my 10X Innovation Summit — you can’t stick just with stocks like AAPL.

While I’d never bet against Apple, 10X growth is an astronomical leap, at this point.

Plus, when you’ve got a wide-ranging trend like the Internet of Things… you want to think big! You don’t necessarily invest in one company that needs the technology. You invest in a company that provides the technology.

It’s kind of like how, with Apple, public opinion comes and goes. But, at the end of the day, it is still selling 35 million iPhones in a typical quarter. To cash in on that, investors often gravitate to iPhone component makers like Qualcomm (QCOM).

And if you want to see 10X growth, look at how Qualcomm did in the 1990s, as mobile carriers started to deploy 4G networks.

So when I’m investing in the IoT market of today, I’m looking at the sensors that go into all these devices.

My #1 Pick in IoT Now

I believe so strongly in this opportunity that I decided to give away my latest stock pick for free during the 10X Innovation Summit. I wanted my presentation to really be worth your while.

And my free stock pick is all about the Internet of Things.

Long before I pulled the trigger on the investment, I watched the company for years… ever since I first heard about it at a conference. I love its product — I just wanted to see the path to profitability.

Well, now I’m really impressed at its numbers in the latest quarter, which blew away Wall Street’s expectations. I think it’s on track to go from a $800 million stock to $8 billion. Go here to watch my summit, where I explain this stock pick, how it grabbed my attention, and how it fits into my new 10X Venture Portfolio.

P.S. Speaking of good numbers…

Another of the stocks I discuss in my 10X Innovation Summit just reported its earnings — and turned in a nice beat. The company also raised its revenue forecast for the year, and the stock gained 20% on the news!

This company provides genetic testing, and it does it with a unique technology that’s much simpler and easier for doctors (and patients). This is a leader in its field, which is diagnostics, and I think it’s an amazing company — there’s a much bigger story here than just one earnings report. All the stocks I share in the 10X Innovation Summit are like that, so go here to watch the replay while it’s still available.

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