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How My Boots-On-The-Ground Research Can Make You Rich!

By Matt McCallNov 02, 2019

There are so many different ways to uncover tomorrow’s biggest winners. I’m talking the next Netflix (NFLX)… the next Amazon (AMZN)… the next Apple (AAPL).

The traditional approach is fundamental analysis, looking under the hood at the numbers behind the companies. Fundamental analysis is important – but it doesn’t tell the entire story. Plus, numbers can be deceiving, and they can even be spun in the direction the company wants you to view them.

Another research strategy is technical analysis. Chart reading is one of my absolute passions. I even wrote a book on technical analysis 10 years ago called The Swing Trader’s Bible. But once again, the charts only tell a part of the full investment story.

That’s why I employ fundamental and technical analysis… plus I take it one step further. I call it “boots-on-the-ground research.”

Boots-on-the-ground research is a much more time consuming and capital-intensive approach, which is why many analysts don’t bother with it. It involves getting on planes, trains, automobiles – even scooters! – to conduct in-person on-location research. I attend conferences, meet with company CEOs, and am always networking.

But it pays off handsomely.

By combining all three of these research strategies – fundamental, technical, and boots-on-the-ground – we are able to uncover the next great hyper-growth stocks with the potential to go up 10X… 20X… even 50X in the decade ahead. These are the kinds of profits that change lives.

I bring this up because today my boots have arrived on the ground in Lisbon, Portugal. But this isn’t just a fun tourist vacation. I will be attending the world’s largest technology conference – the Web Summit. It’s an extremely simple name for all it entails.

The next week is all about boots-on-the-ground research. I’ll be finding out all I can about the future of technology… and meeting with executives of some of the most innovative businesses in the world. All in the name of uncovering tomorrow’s Alphabet (GOOGL) or Microsoft (MSFT).

It’s fascinating stuff. To give you an idea of the kind of topics I will be researching, here is a look at a few of the scheduled presentations:

  • How Are We Going to Travel in 2025?
  • eSports: Roadmapping the Future
  • How Space-Based Networks Will Bring Internet to the World
  • The Evolution of Virtual Beings
  • Dude, Where’s My Flying Car?

I’m especially excited about that last one. It’s not a joke.

Some of these topics may be a bit out there… far into the future. They may be way outside your comfort zone when it comes to investing, at least for the moment. But these are the industries in which the big money is made. It’s this kind of thinking, research, and analysis that can lead to the massive winners that change your investing future. And your life!

I’m travelling to Portugal with a colleague, and you can bet we’ll be busy taking notes all week. I’ll fill you in on the can’t-miss topics as soon as I’m back.

And on the chance you happen to be attending the Web Summit as well, please reach out! I’m always up for a chat over coffee.

P.S. Most analysts don’t take the time, spend the money, or make the effort to uncover tomorrow’s winners today. But if it weren’t for boots-on-the-ground research, you wouldn’t know about the massive wealth-building opportunities in hyper-growth mega-trends like Chinese biotech… cannabis… Transportation 2.0… and so many more.

And my Investment Opportunities subscribers wouldn’t be on the verge of triple-digit profits in a handful of next-generation companies within these trends!

On Thursday, November 7, I will unveil the next big money-making opportunity. It’s also about the future – the future of money – and it’s a good time to get in. In fact, I suspect it is just now setting up for its next big spike.

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