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The Incredible Power of Being First

By Matt McCallNov 07, 2019

If I were to sit down and write out a “Ten Commandments” type of list with my rules of investing, there is one that you can be sure would be on it:

Get there first.

Longtime readers have heard me describe the power of being first. It’s key to making big profits, which is exactly what we’re after.

For example, if you were among the first to know in 1992 how a new development called “the internet” was set to change the way we work and live, you could have made life-changing 3,000%+ gains in top tech firms Intel (INTC), Microsoft (MSFT), and Cisco Systems (CSCO).

The wealth-building power of being first is why I’ve dedicated my career to getting investors into the world’s biggest, most revolutionary trends BEFORE everyone else jumps on board.

When an investment opportunity is popular in the mainstream press, too many people know about it by then. There’s no way an investment can be cheap and undiscovered when it’s all over the news… which means 20X, 50X, even 100X potential gains are off the table.

To make 800-fold returns in Netflix (NFLX), you had to invest when its business plan sounded crazy and movies were only sent through the mail.

To make 134,000% returns in Amazon (AMZN), you had to invest when it was still just an online bookstore and barely turning a profit.

There’s another power to being there first you may not have thought about. Let me give you an example.

Earlier this year, on June 20 to be exact, shares of cannabis REIT Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR) climbed $9.35 per share. That was good for a 7.5% increase.

Given that the stock market’s average annual return is about 7%, my Investment Opportunities subscribers made more than a year’s worth of stock market gains… in one day!

Still, you need to think long term if you want those massive profits and forget about day-to-day movements – even if they are exciting. That brings me to the more important point:

As early investors in Innovative Industrial Properties, we actually enjoyed a MUCH larger increase in our wealth that day than “just” 7.5%.

I recommended Innovative Industrial shares to my Investment Opportunities readers last August at $33.70. It then went on a rocket ship ride… hitting nearly $140 back in July. But here’s how getting in early is the gift that keeps on giving.

Remember, on June 20, Innovative Industrial shares climbed $9.35 per share. That was a 7.5% increase over their previous closing price of $124.71 per share.

But because we got in before the stock took off, that $9.35 per share jump worked out to a one-day gain of 27.7% based on our $33.70 entry price. Today it’s around $81 per share, up 142% since our entry.

And then there are the big events that send stocks soaring. Our investment in MTech Acquisition in January is one of the best examples in my 20 years in this business.

MTech was a result of my boots-on-the-ground research and out-of-the-box thinking. I discovered it after interviewing countless cannabis company executives at a conference. Several caught my attention and led me to even deeper research.

The one that was head and shoulders above the rest was Akerna (KERN), which was called MTech Acquisition at the time. After hearing about the company’s plans to merge with MJ Freeway, a leader in cannabis software, I was sold.

Everything I heard that day was public information. But unless you take the time to sit down and talk to CEOs and executives at companies, it is nearly impossible to find this type of opportunity.

MTech barely budged for months after it was added to the portfolio. We waited patiently as the shares drifted sideways for four months. Then on June 17, the merger was complete and the new company formed. Within days the stock rallied from $10 to more than $70. We sold some shares as high as $65, locking in a 6.5X gain from the original entry price.

That’s the power of getting in first. 

I believe there is a small group of industries virtually guaranteed to grow 100-fold… 500-fold… even 1,000-fold in the coming years. Think the coming of 5G, cannabis legalization, the Internet of Things (IoT), biotechnology breakthroughs, the transportation transformation, China’s growth, and more.

If you know what’s about to happen, you’ll look back at this time with a perspective few people ever attain. Instead of looking back with regret knowing you “missed out,” you’ll look back with fond memories and satisfaction.

This can be the time you lay your first stone in a financial dynasty. The investments you make over the next few years can secure your financial freedom for the rest of your life. What’s coming is that big… and that transformational.

Stay tuned.

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