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The “Secret” Way to Make More Money From a Not-So-Secret Event

By Matt McCallJan 11, 2020

I believe this will be one of the biggest, fastest wealth-creation events in modern history. And it’s right around the corner… just about four months away to be exact.

These kinds of events are rarely known in advance, which is what makes this one for bitcoin so unique.

I’ve written to you several times about it the last couple of weeks because I don’t want you to miss out the way so many others will.

The event is called the “halvening” – or “halving” if you prefer. Basically, the supply of new bitcoins coming onto the market will be cut in half. This is by design. It’s in the software coding. Shrinking supply combined with growing demand is a proven recipe for higher prices. (You can read more about that here.)

The halvening presents an opportunity for regular Americans to invest small sums of money and walk away with hundreds of thousands – potentially even millions – of dollars.

What’s more, the “obvious” way to invest is not even the best. History tells us that you can do a lot better going where others aren’t.

If I could stop every person I meet on the street and tell them about this opportunity, I would. I obviously can’t do that, but I can make sure you know…

We know the bitcoin halvening will happen in May. That’s not much of a secret. It happens roughly every four years… as the supply of bitcoin left to be mined shrinks.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen. It’s happened twice before. And each time investors saw massive gains.

After the first halvening in 2012, bitcoin rose 2,135%.

After the second halvening in 2016, bitcoin went on a fantastic 3,122% run over the next 18 months.

Most investors don’t even know about the halvening and its track record for massive gains. And even fewer people know that a whole separate class of cryptocurrencies known as altcoins created a lot more wealth.

After bitcoin’s first halvening, an altcoin called litecoin soared more than 7,000%.

After bitcoin’s second halvening, an altcoin called verge shot up 1,362,400%!

That would have turned $5,000 into $68 million in just 12 months.

I think you can see why I have May circled on my calendar… and why this is setting up to be another one of the fastest wealth-creation events in modern history.

Start With the Best

I know cryptocurrencies are still fairly new and therefore a little scary.

I know prices can be volatile. But that’s fine as long as the trend is higher. In this case, it’s much, much higher.

Instead of trying to think of cryptocurrencies as digital ledgers or blockchain technology or other technical explanations, think of them as really valuable computer programs.

That’s exactly what they are.

When you change your perspective on altcoins, you realize they are not “fantasy internet money”… they are early stage investments in new systems that make our lives easier, more productive, and more efficient.

What’s more, altcoins can be analyzed much like a stock can. In fact, my business partner and I created a proprietary 10-point system that grades the best altcoins to invest in right now… before the next halvening lights the fuse and sends prices soaring into the stratosphere once again.

We identified the 10 most important factors that predict future success and gigantic gains in the crypto market. Some are very familiar to stock investors, including the strength and experience of the team behind the project. I find this crucial in all early stage industries, and cryptocurrencies are no exception.

Our system is already generating buy signals.

My newest cryptocurrency buy recommendation just went out a couple days ago.

Alphabet (GOOGL) just made this cryptocurrency an official partner as it enters the blockchain industry. This is an exclusive partnership few other cryptocurrencies have claimed.

The $175 billion technology giant, Oracle (ORCL), has also agreed to a strategic partnership with the cryptocurrency I’ve pinpointed.

But this only scratches the surface as to why I believe this cryptocurrency is headed for much bigger gains.

You can buy this little-known crypto for just $2.22 per token right now. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it trading at a much higher price just 12 months from now. In fact, my system sees the potential for it to be 10X higher.

At the end of the day, altcoins represent a new chance to profit from some of the most valuable software programs ever created. I like to describe them as the oil of the 21st century as they’re about to mint another generation of millionaires – in short order.

Early investors in the best altcoins are like venture capitalists backing the next Microsoft (MSFT), Apple (AAPL), or Google. History clearly shows us that now is the time to get in… BEFORE the big halvening event in May.

P.S. The situation with altcoins right now reminds me of what it was like to invest in Apple in 1980, Netflix (NFLX) in 2002, or Uber Technologies (UBER) in 2010 – before they soared into the stratosphere.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we may never see again.

I have no doubt that millionaires will be created from this exciting new asset class… the same exact way early stage software investors became instant millionaires over the past two decades.

Except this time, it won’t be ordinary shares of stock that mint this new class of millionaires.

It will be altcoins. And if you follow our research, I think you could end up making more money than from any other investing you’ve ever done before. You can learn more here.

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