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Frequently Asked Questions

Is investing in an ETF a good strategy to gain broad exposure to early stage trends?

ETFs – or exchange-traded funds – have exploded in popularity in recent years. They’re easy to invest in, give you instant diversification, and can be highly focused.

Diversification is smart. It’s very important to not put too much of your money in any one stock. At the same time, you don’t want to put your money in bad stocks – and that’s what can happen with an ETF. You are forced to buy every single stock in that ETF. And at that point, it becomes over-diversification. You’re stuck owning all of the laggards that will inevitably weigh on your returns.

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I get investing in trends before they take off. But why are some of the trends you recommend SO early in their life cycles?

The answer to that is simple. We don’t want to be the 100th person to an investment trend. We don’t want to be the 10th person… or even the second. We want to get there first.

When an investment opportunity is popular in the mainstream press, too many people know about it by then. There’s no way an investment can be cheap and undiscovered when it’s all over the news – which means 20X, 50X, even 100X potential gains are off the table.

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I’ve noticed that many of the stocks you follow are either small or mid-caps. Why is that?

Our investment strategy is to look for stocks that have big upside potential in powerful mega-trends that are changing our world. That often leads to smaller, lesser-known companies, so by default the majority of the stocks we follow will be either small- or mid-cap companies.

Many people believe these stocks inherently have more risk, but not only is that a very broad generalization, it is also completely untrue. At one point in time, all large companies were small caps that flourished and grew into today’s leaders.

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Why do you think cannabis stocks are such a good investment?

It’s no secret I’m a big believer in the future of cannabis. In fact, I think 2020 could be the Year of Cannabis!

The odds of the U.S. legalization marijuana continue to increase heading into the next decade. Simply put, the American people want legalization. Polls show that two-thirds of adults support it. Politicians who continue to oppose legalization or just avoid the conversation altogether will struggle on election days. And let’s be honest… all politicians really care about is getting re-elected. When the majority of voters back legalization so strongly, politicians will be forced to follow.

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What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually been around for decades. Progress so far is already amazing, and looking ahead to where AI will be in 10 years is almost unfathomable.

From the moment you wake up, your personal assistant will be there for you. Ask it to turn on the coffee maker, set the temperature for your shower, change the thermostat, give you a rundown of the weather and traffic, and check whether you need to get gas – or charge your electric vehicle – on the way to the office.

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Is there any opportunity in the world of sports gambling after the Supreme Court’s repeal of the federal ban?

The Supreme Court created a $1 trillion opportunity on May 14, 2018, when it repealed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA) and allowed states outside of Nevada to accept wagers on sporting events.

The first couple years of this young trend haven’t been smooth, and while we don’t have to like it, we do have to remember that is par for the course. It is common for brand-new industries to run into regulatory and business hurdles during the first few years.

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How do you keep emotions out of investing? I tend to panic easily!

Everyone gets emotional – it’s completely understandable. Emotions can be good sometimes. But the key is to control them.

How often have you heard someone say, “I’m waiting to invest until we see a correction”? Given the multi-year bull run we’ve been on, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard it a lot. But when we finally saw a correction in late 2015, what did everyone do? Sold and headed for the hills. They let their panic overtake what they knew deep in their gut was actually a great buying opportunity. As a result, so many individual investors have missed out on the incredible ride higher that the market has taken since.

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Where do you see investment opportunity outside of the United States?

I keep my eye on every part of the world. I’m a huge traveler, and whether I’m traveling for business or pleasure, you can be sure my eyes are pealed for the next big investment idea.

But one area I am a huge believe in right now is China. In fact, I have been bullish on China for a couple of years now.

I expect the trade issues between the U.S. and China to be settled sooner than later. I do not see President Trump letting the dispute continue into next November. If he can get something done in the first half of 2020, it will be one of his major talking points in the debates.

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What’s the difference between blockchain and bitcoin?

A very common misconception is that blockchain technology is simply about cryptocurrencies. Sure, that is partly true. But the technology offers so much more.

Blockchain is the technology behind bitcoin… and many other hypergrowth trends for that matter. I have no doubt that blockchain will expand rapidly as it disrupts nearly every industry around the globe.

A simple way to view blockchain is to think about it as a digital ledger – a series of blocks that store information in a public, decentralized database. The goal is for information to be recorded and securely stored, but with an unimpeachable audit trail. Continue Reading…

What kind of potential is there in the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a buzz phrase for a few years, and for good reason. The connectivity of anything and everything imaginable is fascinating. Take that idea to its logical conclusion and you get a completely connected world. We will also see a new generation of wearable devices that will connect our bodies with… you guessed it… anything and everything.

By 2030, there will be an estimated one trillion connected devices. What makes that number even more impressive is that 30 years ago there were only about 1,000 connections. Continue Reading…

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