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How to Buy Bitcoin for $35

Dec 01, 2017

Bitcoin. While its original purposes may have been mischievous, the cryptocurrency has brought to light a technology that is truly next generation. In fact, it’s been said that it’s a 22nd century creation that fell by chance into the early 21st. Creating a completely anonymous, independent and digital system was problematic, and it took much more than simply establishing a new currency. There had to be a way to make and record each transaction securely. So, the distributed ledger technology — more commonly known as blockchain — was born, and an investment in it provides a much safer and smarter way to make money off this undeniable mega-trend.

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9 NexGen Energy Stocks to Buy Now

Apr 26, 2017

Energy is a huge part of our lives and our world. As a result, it’s a huge part of Wall Street, too, from its allocation in portfolios to its prominent weighting in the Dow and S&P 500. And yet, it’s not a sector that often gets people excited about the future.

But that's about to change. It’s time to forget about the companies Wall Street owns and come up with a new approach. We'll do just that in this new report, and I'll give you nine picks to play this next generation of energy.

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5 Disruptive Tech Stocks Making New Millionaires

Apr 18, 2017

Technology may not seem like a next-generation investment, and I would agree that some areas are not where you want to be right now. But that doesn’t mean all of tech is past its hay day. In fact, I see a whole lot of opportunities brewing here both now and well into the future. In this report, I’ll guide you through all of the different themes we can play in this space.

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NextGen Investing: 12 Stocks Set to Double the Wall Street Establishment’s Gains

Apr 11, 2017

Investing has always been my passion. The way Wall Street does it has not.

Nearly 20 years ago, I took my first job as a stock broker, excited as can be to help my clients make money by doing what I absolutely love to do – uncover great stocks. It didn’t take long for that excitement to turn to discouragement.

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