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Investment Opportunities in 2020: Matt McCall’s Watch List

Aug 07, 2020

Investment opportunities are all around us – even despite everything that's been going on this year. On this special edition of MoneyLine, Matt goes into detail on the stocks that hold the greatest potential here in 2020. If you want analysis and stocks ideas, this is the episode for you! Watch Now…

Covid 19 Vaccine Update and The Race To 40K

Aug 04, 2020

Covid 19 Vaccine Update! There is hope for a vaccine, and with this information you might have a chance to invest in the company that creates it early! It’s still early for the trials, so nothing is FDA approved yet, but Matt does have some thoughts. In this episode, he breaks down all the prospects in great detail... even down to how the vaccine itself would work. You want want to miss this!

And don’t forget tomorrow is the big debate between Louis Navellier and Matt so make sure you’re tuned in to

Watch Now…

Bitcoin vs. The Stock Market: Which Will Hit $40,000 First?

Jul 31, 2020

Bitcoin or the market? With Matt being so bullish on both, he gets this question all the time. You won’t want to miss his debate with legendary growth investor Louis Navellier. Click here to sign up. But that isn’t all Matt covers today. With the GDP down, many investors are starting to get worried... and Matt has a message for you. Stay in the market! There are still opportunities ot there. Watch Now…

What Sector Of The Market Is Going To Hit New All-Time Highs?

Jul 24, 2020

Which sector of the market is on its way to fresh highs? Matt has done the research and is ready to give you his thoughts. Plus, Matt covers a ton of individual stocks as well as bitcoin, the cannabis sector, and much more! Tune in now. Watch Now…

Should I Invest in Precious Metals?

Jul 22, 2020

Should I investing in precious metals? It’s a common question asked by viewers, and in today's special episode of MoneyLine I provide the answers! I give you all my thoughts on currency, gold, industrial metals, cryptos, and more... and you won’t want to miss it! Watch Now…

Where Is The Stock Market Heading?

Jul 17, 2020

Where is the stock market headed? And does this Nasdaq reversal mean disaster for your portfolio? No one knows the future, but Matt provides his insights on how to weather the storm. Today's podcast covers a lot. Matt discusses the top two contenders for a COVID-19 vaccine as well as some IPOs that show promise. And, he tells you about some potential buying opportunities you do not want to miss. Watch Now…

Making Money with Matt McCall

Jul 10, 2020

This week, Matt breaks down the action in the market and looks ahead at what to expect over the next few months. He talks about some of the hottest investments right now and then dives into a new segment called “Making Money with Matt McCall.” In it, he highlights 20 stocks in the 5G, precious metals, biotech, and work-from-home themes. Watch Now…

Job Numbers and What They Mean: Investment Opportunities Q&A with Matt McCall

Jul 02, 2020

The job numbers are in. What do they mean for you as an investor? On this episode of MoneyLine, Matt breaks down the June job numbers and what they mean as well as detailing his thoughts on many stocks requested by you. Get ready to take some notes! Watch Now…

Market Volatility is Coming… Here’s Where To Invest

Jun 26, 2020

The coming market volatility is inevitable, so what sectors should you stay away from and where should you be invested right now? In this latest episode of MoneyLine, Matt talks biotech... IPOs... ETFs... electric vehicles... and so much more. Watch Now…

The Truth About China – and Much More – with John McAfee

Jun 24, 2020

The truth about China may be hard to believe, but John McAfee and Matt are here to reveal what the mainstream media won't tell you! In this exclusive interview, cybersecurity legend John McAfee joins Matt to uncover the truth about recent COVID-19 stats and how this pandemic has affected the economies of both China and the United States. And did you know that McAfee has ditched fiat currencies completely for cryptocurrencies? This episode contain some exclusive information for crypto investors – as well as those who want to protect themselves from the prying eyes of Big Brother and Big Tech. Watch Now…
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