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Aren’t things like robotics and automation technology still a long way from becoming mainstream?

By Matt McCallApr 22, 2017

Robotics and all those other science fiction-sounding technologies certainly sound futuristic and not a reality, don’t they? But the fact is, we’re already seeing them infiltrate the here and now. Think of precision surgery that can now be performed by a robotic arm – even from a completely different city – or precision manufacturing on a fast-moving assembly line.

What makes this sector so intriguing is that nearly every industry is increasing their exposure to robotics and automation. Manufacturing, healthcare, energy, agriculture, security, and others are already using robotics/automation to improve their businesses. As a result, unit sales of industrial robots are expected to rise 13% a year through 2019. That would push the number of robots in operation to 2.6 million, up from the current 1.8 million.

There are many ways to go about playing this trend, including the manufacturers of the robots and automation devices, the chip makers that are the brains of the robots, companies that are implementing the devices, the software makers that are driving the devices, and more. With so many avenues to profit from one of the truly innovative sectors out there, you can bet I have a close eye on where the next opportunity is coming from. There is a lot of money to be made here, and in keeping with our NextGen approach, we can do better by going beyond the obvious places Wall Street is looking.

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