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I’ve read so many different commentaries about what is going on in the market right now that I don’t know what to believe. What is your take on the volatility?

By Matt McCall

I understand your frustration! In my nearly two decades of writing newsletters and managing clients’ portfolios, I have experienced my fair share of turbulent markets and the primary link between them is emotions. Even the best investors and traders in the world have to manage their feelings when volatility picks up because as difficult as it is to have a losing day in your portfolio, it will inevitably happen many times throughout the year. Those who come through a pullback successfully have learned how to control their emotions and stick with a system that works. Unfortunately, those investors are in the minority and that’s why we see emotional price swings as the majority sell into the panic rather than basing their decisions on facts.

But we can be smarter. By realizing that emotions are the number one factor that can hold you back from becoming a successful investor, we can move past them and instead focus on the bullish truths the market is still presenting.

Now is not a time to panic. In fact, you should still feel good about this market despite the daily roller coaster ride Wall Street has been on lately. The underlying fundamentals are very strong and all signs point to higher stock prices in the future. That means our job right now is to ignore the noise and be ready to jump on more opportunities that will emerge from this selling. I have a new opportunities are right around the corner.

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