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What makes your stock analysis unique?

By Matt McCall

There are so many different ways to uncover tomorrow’s biggest winners. The traditional approach is fundamental analysis, looking under the hood at the numbers behind the companies. Another research strategy is technical analysis, like chart reading. But neither of these approaches tells the full story.

That’s why I employ fundamental and technical analysis… plus I take it one step further. I call it “boots-on-the-ground” research.

Boots-on-the-ground research is a much more time consuming and capital-intensive approach, which is why many analysts don’t bother with it. It involves getting on plans, trains, automobiles – even scooters! – to conduct in-person, on-location research. I attend conferences, meeting the company CEOs, and am always networking.

But it pays off handsomely.

By combing all three of these research strategies, we are able to uncover the next great hypergrowth stocks with the potential to go up 10X… 20X… even 50X or more in the decade ahead. Those are the kinds of profits that change lives.

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