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A lot of talking heads are saying this bull market is about to end. Is that true?

By Matt McCall

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that this bull market is getting “long in the tooth.” After all, it’s been nearly 11 years.

It can’t continue, they say.

At some point, they will be right. As the old saying goes, even a stopped clock is accurate twice a day. Problem is, that’s two of 1,440 minutes… so you’re messed up the other 99.86% of the day.

So don’t listen to these folks. They’ve missed out on massive profits, all-time highs, and historic moneymaking opportunities.

Here’s the good news: I believe we have another eight to ten years of this bull market. And that’s not just a gut feeling. It’s based on in-depth research, analysis, and established stock market patterns.

The reality is, bull market cycles last a lot longer than most people think. In fact, bull market cycles lasting between 14 and 18 years are the norm. Not the exception.

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